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The ultimate aim of Swodeam Institute is to help physical therapists become thoughtful, effective and safe clinicians and leaders of the profession.

Course and Program Offerings

· Free Online Courses
· Stand alone continuing education courses and workshops
· Hybrid distributed/classroom learning
· Extensive distributed materials including video of all techniques taught
· Certification in Spinal Manipulation that leaves you eligible for the roster of Manual Therapists in Alberta
· Advanced Certification courses concentrating on clinical reasoning and complex techniques
. Diploma in Manual Therapy courses leading to mastery
· No supervised clinical hours required for certification or the Diploma
· A Doctor of Manual Physical Therapy (DMPT) that will accept Swodeam's Diploma for credit
· We will apply to CAMPT for credentialing in Fellowship education if enough interest is shown


MAPS Annual Conference

MAPS (Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars) is putting on its annual conference in Riverhead, NY and features two really good PTs and one other. Chad Cook, Michael Shacklock and myself are speaking and demonstrating as part of the conference’s “Clinical Expertise: the Essence of Manual Therapy” in April/May 2016. It promises to be an great conference. More info:

Featured Course

Series 2 New Dates

Because I missed that one of the dates was on Thanksgiving weekend I have changed the dates for this course. They are now:

Sep 16-18 Airdrie
Oct 21-23 Airdrie
Nov 4-6 Edmonton

There are no prerequisites for this course as differential diagnostic and biomechanical assessment and treatment techniques (mobilization for the spine and manipulation for selected peripheral joints) will be taught.

For more information please contact Jim Meadows at

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